Electric car industry

There is a buzz of excitement with the developments happening in the electric car arena. It signals a fundamental shift for research, development and production at the highest levels for multinational corporations. The majority of car manufacturers have electric car programmes. This represents a massive collective investment and a determined move towards transport based on sustainable technology. It is not a question of when, but how quickly.

Key players

The development of the electric car industry is a result of a combined input from Governments and companies. These companies range from large multinational car companies and IT companies to local manufacturing and service organisations whose efforts are vital for the development of electric car mobility in Ireland. ESB ecars are involved with a range of organisations including car manufacturers, charge point hosts, IT and service firms.

Home charge points

ESB ecars is giving technical advice to local Irish companies to support the development of products for the electric car market. Irish companies M2C and JTM Power are developing new charging infrastructure such as home charge points and mobile charging units.

Gaeltec Utilities Ltd. is an Irish electrical firm who have been awarded 80% of all ESB ecars home charge point installations nationwide. Nigel M. Daly, electrical contractor, was awarded the remaining 20% of home charge point installations nationwide.

Public charge points

ESB ecars is working with a number of charge point manufacturers including:
EC Charging, Elektromotive Ltd., EBG, Chargemaster Plc., Siemens and POD Point Ltd. Find out more about electric car charge point categories and standards .

Fast charge points

In the area of fast charge points, ESB ecars is working with:
SGTE-Power, AeroVironment Inc. and ABB.

Charge point host sites

Charge points are located on host sites, typically in a retail park, service station, or a car park. Service stations, where people can take a break from travelling and recharge their car while having a bite to eat, are ideal hosts for our charging infrastructure. Supermarkets are also ideal hosts as customers can recharge their electric car while they are doing their shopping.

Some of the organisations that we work with include: Tesco and Musgraves, IDA Ireland, Environmental Protection Agency, Q-Park and Irish Ferries. ESB ecars also co-ordinates the location and the installation of charge points with local councils, LUAS and Irish Rail

Fast charge points are located in service stations such as Maxol, Topaz, J14 Monasterevin and Gulf Oil.

Car companies

ESB ecars also works with all car companies that are currently manufacturing or planning to manufacture electric cars. ESB ecars has signed Memorandums of Understanding with the following companies:
Renault, Nissan, Citroen, Mitsubishi, Peugeot and Toyota to develop charging infrastructure, electric car mobility and customer communications.

Supporting IT & communications systems

ESB ecars is working with various IT and communications companies to develop electric car travel in Ireland. Intel is working with ESB ecars to integrate electric vehicle charging with smart home energy management systems. This means that electric car owners will be able to optimise their home charging which will result in cost efficient charging. This is also known as smart charging.

Arekibo Digital is working with ESB ecars' IT department to develop a mobile app for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry markets which can keep electric car drivers up to date with charging infrastructure updates while on the go.

POD Point Ltd. are the service providers for ESB ecars charge point management systems, and Vodafone are the chosen carrier by ESB ecars for connectivity between charge point infrastructure and the central charge point management systems. View the ecar industry model to see the complexity and range of systems, applications and services that are being developed.

Associated services

Zurich Insurance Plc. car insurance has worked with ESB ecars to launch one of their latest products, electric car insurance. Zurich will offer its Irish customers a 20% discounted rate on their electric and plug-in hybrid car insurance premium and customers will also benefit from a range of benefits including:

  • Free transportation to a charge point in the event of a breakdown due to a loss of charge,
  • Transportation to and repair by an electric car specialist in the event of a mechanical failure,
  • A replacement car for up to 10 days while the electric car is being repaired
  • Replacement charge point access cards in the event of loss or theft.

For further information on Ireland's new Electric Car Insurance product, please visit the Zurich website.