Electric car initiatives

There are a number of projects and trials taking place that will alter commercial and public transport radically. An e-taxi service is running in Dublin offering a wide spectrum of people to experience electric driving. Some of the other initiatives are set out below:

  • Electric car sharing - ESB ecars have set up a car sharing system in ESB's head office to pool together corporate travel during working hours. Staff can then travel to meetings together in an environmentally friendly electric car. This increases the usage rate of each electric car and is economically very attractive. It also reduces the number of vehicles on the street and lowers emissions. Having an electric car pool is even more environmentally friendly given the low running and maintenance cost of ecars. ESB ecars has worked to develop a car sharing software application in conjunction with a local company, Transpoco which is currently being trialled with third party companies. Zurich Insurance Plc. have released an electric car insurance package which offers free breakdown cover and charging assistance.
  • Electric car rental ESB ecars is also working with car rental companies to encourage them to add electric cars to their fleet. Renting an electric car provides the customer with the opportunity to experience electric driving.
  • e-buses Conventional bus fleets are among the worst CO2 offenders on our roads, constantly stopping, starting and emitting massive levels of fumes. There is a hybrid bus which operates in Dublin city and ESB ecars hopes to run a number of trials with electric buses in the future.