Electric fleet

The transition to sustainable transport naturally includes commercial fleets. An electric car, van or truck is an obvious addition to any organisation's fleet when the benefits are considered .

An Electric fleet makes sound commercial sense

Here are some of the benefits of adding an electric vehicle to your company's fleet:

  • Fuel savings: 1 cent per km for electric car versus approximately 6c for diesel or 8c for petrol
  • Significantly lower maintenance costs
  • Accelerated capital allowance scheme permitting write-off of capital investment within one year (More information at www.SEAI.ie.)
  • Government incentive of a €5,000 grant per vehicle and zero VRT
  • Openly competitive roster of energy suppliers through ESB ecars payment system
  • Reduction in company carbon footprint
  • Significantly reduced noise pollution

Any company that runs commercial vehicles stands to gain on several levels by adopting an e-fleet strategy. From corporate responsibility to bottom-line savings, it simply makes sense. More choices and styles of electric vehicles are increasingly available.

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