ESB's electric fleet

ESB's commitment to a sustainable business model is strengthened by concerns over future fuel supplies and the need to reduce carbon emissions. Our belief in the benefits of electric vehicles is demonstrated by the integration of more than 45 vehicles in the ESB fleet.

With more than 2500 commercial vehicles in the fleet, all of which use biofuel, ESB embraces the opportunity that the ecars programme presents. The programme gives us the opportunity to make a further positive impact on the environment and on energy costs by integrating electric vehicles into our fleet.

Several Electric vehicles have been distributed in our fleet including, the Fiat Fiorino cargo electric, Edison Smith electric, Peugeot eBipper and Peugeot eExpert. Further electric vehicles will be introduced each year, phasing out petrol and diesel equivalents. ESB ecars also have a number of electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf and the Mitsubishi i-MiEV which are some of the electric cars currently available in Ireland.

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