ecars & Ireland: A Natural Fit

When we say that Ireland is leading the charge with a nationwide introduction of electric transport, the words are carefully chosen. Leading by example is something that we have proven we can do as a country, and electric cars (ecars) offer an efficient, sustainable and clean alternative to fossil-based fuels. Ireland's reputation as a leading advocate of technology, research and innovation provides a fantastic opportunity for the country to take a global leadership role.

By 2020 it is projected that every tenth car on Irish roads will be fully powered by electricity. This 10% uptake will represent a fundamental change in how we consider transport and consumer energy. It could be seen as the most exciting challenge facing our generation. ESB, along with key partners including national and local government and motor manufacturers, is already well along the road to making electric car driving in Ireland an everyday reality.

Ireland has many natural advantages which are attracting the world's leading car companies to use our country as the ideal test bed for their electric cars.

Ireland is a natural fit for ecars because of the:

  • Size of the small island nation
  • High levels of wind power and mild climate
  • Government support
  • Single service provider/unified distribution network
  • High level of home ownership

The relatively small size of Ireland makes it an ideal location for the electric cars programme. There are no excessively long distances between urban centres. Fast charge points are installed on inter-urban routes at 60km intervals making it easy for drivers to travel nationwide in their electric cars. The map of charge points shows all the installed and planned charge points nationwide.

Geography leaves Ireland in the enviable position of being an island nation with the capability of generating high levels of wind power, with strategically planned increases over the coming years. This means that electric cars can be powered by more and more renewable energy. The mild Irish climate is also particularly suited to battery performance.

Government support is crucial for the roll out of charge points and the adoption of electric cars in Ireland. There is buy-in and support for the electric car programme and its ethos at the highest levels of government. This reflects international commitments to the reduction of CO2 emissions under the Kyoto Protocol, because ecars have zero exhaust pipe emissions. This governmental support is shown by the introduction of the grant for electric car purchasers, find out more from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.

Ireland is somewhat unique in having one service provider operating a unified distribution network across the country. This streamlines the efficiencies of the electric cars infrastructural rollout and its adoption.

Home ownership is high in Ireland. This means that it is relatively easy for individuals to have electric car charge points installed at their homes. Research has shown that electric car owners are most likely to charge their car at home at night using cheaper night rate electricity.