Role of ESB ecars

ESB ecars is responsible for stimulating and supporting the electric vehicle market and has been involved in formulating policy through consultation with key stakeholders since the outset.

ESB, as the single owner/operator of the electricity distribution system is responsible for implementing the charging infrastructure across Ireland. Provision of the infrastructure is crucial to the take up of electric cars and ESB ecars is rolling out an extensive charging network in homes, public areas and service stations so drivers will never be far from a charge point. The supporting systems and platforms will be open and accessible to all energy supply companies and all types of electric cars.

Electric car research and trials conducted by ESB are key to understanding more about driver usage patterns, infrastructure requirements and the impact on the overall electricity system.

ESB ecars is working with the business community to promote a positive agenda, installing charge points in work places to encourage adoption of electric transport for their fleet.

ESB ecarsí role is also about creating awareness and demand, as well as educating and informing the Irish public and Irish businesses about the benefits of electric cars and leading the charge in worldwide electric car adoption.