What to do if there is a Power Cut

Electricity distribution networks worldwide - in common with buildings and other structures - can suffer damage from high winds. This damage can be caused by wind-blown debris hitting power lines and by trees falling across lines.

ESB Networks is engaged in a major programme of refurbishment of its distribution networks and has also increased its programme of timber cutting to reduce the risk of damage from trees coming in contact with lines.

We mobilise all of our network crews in an area during a storm and suspend routine work to restore power supplies. We have crews on call 24 hours a day and 365 days a year throughout Ireland committed to restoring your supplies as soon as possible, and work in difficult weather conditions.

The way in which power is restored is that first the main lines must be checked and repaired to ensure there is power to the lower voltage neighbourhood lines and then they can be repaired.

We are very conscious of how vital it is to provide you with information if extreme weather cuts off power to your home or business. There are a number of ways in which we communicate information on power outages caused by storm conditions -

  • Please listen in to national and local radio news broadcasts on your portable radio, and keep batteries for the radio. If you have a car you could also use the radio in the car to monitor these broadcasts. During a power cut we will work hard to update radio stations with information regularly. These stations are very helpful to our customers by carrying vital public information like This.
  • In a storm, please contact our customer contact centres, where staff also provide a 24x365 service. We have two major contact centres which handle calls.
  • In addition to up to 160 call centre agents, we have a system of automated messages which we update and which are specific to your area.
  • If you are experiencing a delay getting through during a storm, please bear with us, as we handle as many calls as possible at one time.
  • We welcome your call to inform us that you have no power and especially ask you to please hang on if you have information on a fallen line.
  • If the automated message indicates that we are aware of the power problem in your area and you are not reporting a fallen line, we would ask you to be aware of the need for keeping lines available for other callers to report potentially dangerous situations (you will know we are aware of the problem.)
  • In particular, if you see a power line which has fallen during a storm, please DO NOT APPROACH IT but make sure to report it to our emergency number. We prioritise making fallen lines safe.

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ESB PowerCheck provides easy access to information if you have lost your electricity supply.

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Our emergency number is (lo-call) 18 50 37 29 99.

You can help us in the following ways:

  • Please, have the ESB emergency number in a handy place, along with your Meter Point Reference Number (MPRN). This is displayed on your bill and provides us with useful information on the exact network serving your premises.
  • Do please use our emergency numbers rather than our account numbers as the emergency numbers are the only ones that will have automated messages of particular relevance to your area.
  • If you have any special needs or use of electricity for medical equipment, please join our medical register. (Our customer contact centre can help you with This). This will enable us to inform you and to be aware of your needs.
  • Keep a battery-powered torch where you can find it easily.
  • If you have elderly neighbours, please check they are OK.
  • Please be very careful if you are using candles or an open fire.
  • Under many home insurance policies, the contents of your freezer are covered. However, it is worth checking that you have This cover. (During a power cut, it is important not to open the freezer door. Keeping it closed will help preserve food).
  • Have a battery powered portable radio handy.
  • It is important to switch off electrical equipment such as heaters, cookers, or computer/IT equipment and TVs during a power cut. This means they will not come back on if power is restored while you are asleep or out of the house. Please, leave one light on in the room you are in, so you will know when power is restored.
  • Please bear with us if , for safety reasons, we have to temporarily switch out supply after it is restored, in order to safely reconnect other customers.
  • Finally, we would reiterate the need to stay well away from any fallen power line and to report is as soon as possible, to avoid danger.