ESB and Safety Leadership

For all members of ESB, safety is a value and not just a priority. Our Safety Leadership Framework is the blueprint by which we all follow. This framework is a clear and simple way of articulating the safety responsibilities, obligations and expectations that everyone in ESB has in order to maintain a safe environment.

 ESB Safety and Leadership Blueprint graph demonstrates the values that ESB staff should adhere to in order to create a safe working environment

ESB Contractor Safety

Our Contractors and sub-contractors are integral to our business. We ensure that those working for or on our behalf are properly inducted and that each contractor operates under a safe system of work.

This is supported by contractor safety management processes in each business area. Our focus is on ensuring that all contractors working on behalf of ESB have a safe system of work with evidence available to demonstrate this.

ESB Risk Assessment

Our risk assessment and behavioural audit systems are a significant part of our overall safety management systems. It provides valuable learning and insights for management and staff as part of continuous improvement on safety.

All of our businesses are subject to annual management reviews of health and safety. From this, safety improvement plans are developed and targets agreed for the following year. All such plans and targets are monitored at regular intervals as part of our safety management system.

Behavioural Safety

Safety is, above all else, about people. We have a behavioural-based safety programme, 4You, to help deal with the human factor and behavioural component of safety in ESB.

The programme consists of a number of modules aimed at assessing existing safety cultures, providing an insight into the human factors that affect us in the workplace, improving safety leadership skills and providing on-going support to embed and sustain the skills required to improve safety behaviours in the workplace.


Safety Communication and Engagement in ESB

We work with trade unions on all aspects of health and safety responsibilities of ESB and staff. All of our staff are represented in formal joint management-worker health and safety committee structures that monitor, advise and respond to health and safety matters.

Health and safety issues are discussed through an extensive system of safety representatives, safety committees and safety forums throughout the business. All of our staff have the right to appoint a safety representative and a week-long training programme for safety representatives is held each year.

Each business area or location has joint staff/management safety committees where health and safety issues are discussed and addressed in a partnership approach. Each business unit also has an overall health and safety committee which is attended by the relevant Executive Director and where safety matters are discussed.