Projects and Partners

Over the past 12 months, ESB has supported a number of Arts projects with partners including Abbey Theatre (Dear Ireland), National Concert Hall (Quavers to Quadratics), Dublin Dance Festival (Bounce-Live Stream), Cork Film Festival (Illuminate and Intinn Film and Mental Health Programme) and many others.

For more than two decades, audiences have made the annual ESB Great Christmas Concert at the National Concert Hall, in partnership with the Dublin Choral Foundation, a staple of their Christmas celebrations.

NO FEE 086 Piccolo Lasso choir at NCH

We support the work of the Abbey Theatre through corporate guardianship and are proud to be members of Business to Arts, and a sponsor of the Business to Arts Awards.

You can also find out how we fund projects that support access to education through our Energy for Generations Fund.

Fishamble: The New Play Company | Tiny Plays for a Brighter Future 

We are delighted to collaborate with Fishamble: The New Play Company on the 'Tiny Plays for A Brighter Future’ challenge. The project was conceived as an opportunity to give creative expression to all points of view in the transition to a low carbon energy future: to look at the choices we all must make to meet our future climate goals, examine how those choices will impact communities across Ireland and imagine what we want the Ireland of our future to be, through 600-word 'Tiny Plays'.
Over 350 submissions were received, with a shortlist of 10 playwrights selected in April 2021.


Photo credit Andres Poveda (2)

Three of the 10 shortlisted playwrights, Signe Lury, Eva-Jane Gaffney, and Niall Murphy, have had their work produced, staged and filmed by Fishamble at the O’Reilly Theatre on Great Denmark Street, Dublin.


Selfish, by Signe Lury, a final year student of English and Drama in Trinity College Dublin, features two women, Theo, and Connie, who struggle to move forward in their lives because of their fears of what the future holds, a sense of being overwhelmed by the enormity of the challenge, and a sense of guilt around still wanting to do things that are frivolous and fun instead of taking serious action.  

Signe Lury is a co-founder of Gift Horse Theatre, an environmentally conscious company with a focus on reimagining classic texts. Writing credits include We Are Not a Muse (Edinburgh Fringe) and Tess (Gift Horse).


Our Turn  

Niall Murphy, a regular short story writer, takes an inter-generational look at a family on a journey towards a future that is both uncertain and inevitable, in his play Our Turn. The play hinges on the idea of continuing to take the same road because it’s easy, and leaving it too late to take the turns that are necessary.  

When not writing, he enjoys a dip in the sea and watching the birds in his garden. He lives in Glenageary, Co. Dublin with his wife, Ali.

Our Turn

A Journey  

The final play, A Journey, was written and performed by writer and actor, Eva-Jane Gaffney. It highlights the focus in advertising and the media on taking actions that are out of reach for many, like buying an EV (“I don’t have the big things – I don’t even own a keep cup”).

Previous stage work includes HEROIN (2018), Rapids and Danny & Chantelle (Still Here). Screen credits include Wastewater, Rosie, Sing Street and Éirí amach Amú.

Playwright Eva-Jane Gaffney

All three plays were staged and filmed sustainably to ensure a zero-waste approach to the production.

To find out more, and to view the filmed plays, visit

The ESB Centre for the Study of Irish Art houses the Gallery’s Irish art library and archive which has been crucial in preserving Ireland’s visual cultural heritage. 

Since it was established in 2002, a wide range of researchers and historians have used these collections to enrich our understanding of the history of art in Ireland. 

The team at ESB CSIA continues to explore new opportunities and projects to enhance its collections and resources to promote interest in Irish art and its history.  

This included the ESB-supported 'Artists’ Voices: Life in a Pandemic'. The series of oral histories, led by Donal Maguire, curator of the Gallery's ESB CSIA, documented some of the experiences and thoughts of artists living and working through COVID-19.

You can watch the oral histories here

Our support

The partnership also funds annual art historian fellowships at the CSIA.

The current ESB-supported exhibition at the National Gallery is George Bernard Shaw: A Priceless Education, which is accessible until 26th September 2021.

Shaw and the Gallery - display

The exhibition gives a fascinating insight into the relationship between Shaw and the Gallery.

Previous exhibitions have included Markievicz: Portraits and Propaganda. The exhibition marked the centenary of the parliamentary vote for women in Ireland and the election of Constance Markievicz as the first woman to the Parliament of the United Kingdom. To mark the occasion, Amanda Coogan was invited to create new artwork at the National Gallery of Ireland. 

Floats in the Aether was an ambitious, large-scale performance comprising a series of events involving over 100 women and girls of different backgrounds and social contexts.  

To find out more click here.