ESB Brighter Future Arts Fund

For ESB, a brighter future starts with a low carbon future, powered by clean electricity. One where air quality is better, energy is sustainable and affordable, our communities are thriving and where the future of the planet is safe.
Through the ESB Brighter Future Arts Fund, we will support creative ideas and projects that engage the public in a positive way on the energy transition, and that will help individuals and communities to consider the steps we all need to take to build a brighter future for generations to come.


ESB Brighter Future Arts Fund (1)

About the Fund

The Fund, managed in partnership with Business to Arts, welcomes applications for artworks and arts projects across all art forms that take place on the island of Ireland including visual arts, spoken word, music, theatre and much more.

ESB Brighter Future Arts Fund (2)

The Fund has two strands, the first being an open call to artists across the island of Ireland to create artworks or arts projects in collaboration with a partner organisation that sustainably enhance their communities.  

The second strand is a limited call to environmental artists to create an artwork or project that will be exhibited or performed at ESB’s new headquarters at Project Fitzwilliam, Dublin 2.  

Themes or interests for works could be: 

  • What does a Brighter Future look like? 

  • A low-carbon future 

  • Best-practice in environmental sustainability 

  • Addressing environmental issues and sustainable development goals 

  • Enhancing participation of communities and audiences  

  • Active partnership between artists and partner organisations 

Artists and arts groups are encouraged to work in collaboration with a partner organisation such as festival, venue or event organisers, arts, community, environmental, technological or heritage/architectural organisations or another funding agency to develop and realise their work and projects.

The fund is open for applications from July 13th, 2021 and will close on 8th September 2021. Successful artworks and arts projects should be realised between March 2022 – December 2023.

For more information, or to apply for funding, click here.