Enabling Smarter Decisions

Energy Insights from ESB works in close collaboration with energy companies to deliver reliable, secure and cost effective data analytic products and services. We are a team of engineers, energy specialists, data scientists and analysts that have combined our skills with the latest innovative data science tools and techniques to develop data driven analytical solutions. We understand that many businesses struggle with large quantities of data and how best to extract value from this data. Energy Insights offers cost effective data analytic solutions that can be implemented within a short timeframe, providing a full suite of solutions from user friendly dashboards to complex machine learning algorithms. Leveraging decades of ESB’s knowledge of the power and utility sector allows us to work with customers and provide them with insights that enable smarter decisions.

Solutions for the energy industry


Improve the Efficiency of your Assets

ESB Energy Insights has experience in extracting data from a multitude of asset monitoring systems, manipulating it to assess the assets current status and condition. Combining our knowledge of utility assets with state of the art data analytic tools and techniques, we can uncover opportunities to optimise workflows, performance and/or potential revenue opportunities. We use our knowledge of the sector to ensure that the outputs from our insights are compatible with your existing systems where possible.


Increasing "Up Time"

We help you to track the condition of your assets in real time and compare this against historical trends. By applying our data science expertise, we can then predict the likelihood of failure of this in-service machine. This allows you to plan maintenance schedules prior to any significant loss in revenue. Our service encompasses failure prediction, failure diagnosis, failure type classification and recommendation of practical maintenance actions.

Safety and Risk

Reduce Lost Time

We analyse safety data looking at trends which could indicate the potential for lost time injuries due to accidents in the workplace. We then  supplement your data with external information in order to develop a deeper understanding of safety issues.

Analysis of this data can help establish and examine likely risk scenarios.

Consumer Insights

Improve NPD, Revenue and Customer Service

Discover opportunities to improve your relationship with your customers by uncovering insights that that can be used to design new products and services. By combining both internal and external data, energy insights can provide information that creates new opportunities for your customers.

Case Studies