ESB's Energy Technology Meetup Community

ESB’s X_Site Innovation Hub brings together ​experts from the energy sector, start-ups and investors for talks, Q&A sessions and pitches at our bi-monthly ​Energy Tech Meetup. In 3 short months the community has gone from zero to more than 350 members.

See the highlights from our recent meetup:

Energy Tech Meetup, January 2018

The second meetup was headlined by Sam Warburton, co-founder and CEO of Conjoule. Conjoule  is  a German based energy start-up using block chain to enable energy resource sharing. To date, they have raised €4.5m from German and Japanese utility giants and are one of the most exciting start-ups around. Sam Shared his experience in running an early stage block chain start-up and spoke about block chains potential for energy utilities, startup and prosumers looking for a transparent and efficient means of trading energy.

Derek Roddy is founder and CEO of Climote and was a finalist in the Free Electrons accelerator programme. He shared the stage with Conor O’Brien from ESB’s External collaboration team. Conor and Derek shared the experience from the start-up and utility perspective how collaboration between eight global leading utility companies and twelve cutting edge energy start-ups resulted in commercial deals totalling $2 million (USD)

Our audience also participated in lightening pitches, giving start-ups a platform to share their pitch with a room of their peers and investors.

Energy Tech Meetup, November, 2017

Over one hundred people attended the first Energy Tech Meetup which held

  • Our main speaker, Edel Coen from early stage investor Business Venture Partners, shared her vision of what investors are looking for in cutting edge clean tech start-ups.
  • Derek Hynes, Operations Manager at ESB Networks who examined Ireland's electricity network and explored what the future holds for homes, businesses and society.
  • Richard O’Loughlin from Endeco technologies explained how energy intensive companies can earn new revenue streams from their assets

For an overview of the first ever energy tech meetup in Ireland watch our video.

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