Smart Energy Services

Powering the Potential of Your Business ​

Businesses and public sector organisations are facing rising energy costs, concerns over security of supply and climate change issues. Governments are responding with new regulation and frequent policy change issues. New disruptive technologies driven by data and IT are transforming how energy is managed and consumed.

All of these considerations make it increasingly complex to manage your energy if you do not specialise in energy generation, transmission, supply and emerging technologies like we do. ESB Smart Energy Technologies is a complete energy management solution that brings all of the skills and experience of a global energy innovator to your business.

"Energy Storage - Use it or Lose it" 

As part of the 2016 SEAI Energy Show, ESB Smart Energy Services invited industry customers to an interactive discussion on storage technologies called ‘Energy Storage - Use it or Lose it’.  ESB’s Head of Energy Storage, James Tedd led a discussion on the application of new storage technologies and how they can be applied to business with some of the industry’s leading thinkers.

Speakers included:

  • Gerald O'Donoghue, Head of ​Energy, Tesco Ireland
  • Michael Phelan, ​CEO, Endeco
  • Bridgit Hartland-Johnson, Energy Storage Manager, UK and Ireland,  Siemens

​View the Talk Series

 You can now view the talk series (part 1 & 2) here.

Tailored Energy Solutions

Harnessing Knowledge, Expertise and Technology

Every organisation is different, that’s why ESB Smart Energy Services isn’t an off-the-shelf solution. It’s a suite of competencies and solutions that can adapt to the most demanding energy environments, for example:

  • Design energy generation and storage solutions
  • Optimise your energy consumption
  • Consult onsite energy technologies
  • Implement and manage some or all of your energy needs

It’s your business and you decide what’s the best solution for your business in partnership with ESB.

Why ESB?

At ESB, power is our business. Our expertise spans the breadth of the energy spectrum from energy generation, transmission, supply and emerging technologies. We have experience in shaping policy and navigating it. We are continuously investing in new technologies and promising initiatives to give us the competitive edge. ESB Smart Energy Services brings together these competencies to give you:

  • Guranteed Savings
  • Independence
  • Customised Solutions
  • Best-in-Class Expertise
  • Financing Solutions
  • Customer Support Network
  • Track Record and Reliability

Smart Energy Services Portfolio

Take Control of your Energy

 Our team of experts develop energy-optimised solutions that will provide security, savings and scalability for your organization. Our portfolio of services are outlined below.

Analysis and Consulting

  • We perform a detailed review of how energy is generated and managed
  • We establish your process requirements analysis
  • Together we develop a customised energy roadmap

 Energy Management System Hosting

  • We host energy management systems to give you a bird’s eye view of your energy profile
  • Our expert analysis highlights those areas that will benefit most from intervention

Energy Efficiency Solutions

  • We underwrite the expected savings so you benefit from life-time energy and operating cost savings
  • We can finance the energy infrastructure installation so no upfront capital expenditure is required. You simply pay us an agreed share of the savings that are being made

Onsite Generation

  • We offer bespoke on-site energy supply solutions that require no capital investment from your side
  • You benefit from energy savings and CO2 reductions by using clean energy sources
  • You become self-sufficient and become independent from the grid

Virtual Power Plant

  • We offer solutions that balance your energy sources
  • You benefit from significant savings by optimising your energy generation and demand

Emerging Technologies

New disruptive technologies are emerging to further reduce energy consumption and or make clean energy more affordable. Regulatory policies are also quickly changing to drive adoption of low carbon innovations. We are working on new energy technologies that will transform the world around us.

  • We invest in clean-tech start ups and collaborate with partners to unlock new customer products and services
  • ​We harness market knowledge and powerful technologies like data analytics and the Internet of Things
  • You benefit from innovative energy solutions that deliver tangible savings to your business. ​

Explore how ESB Smart Energy Services can work for you

The impact of change in the energy industry makes it increasingly complex for organisations to optimise and manage energy efficiently.

Talk to us today and discover how ESB Smart Energy Services can support your organization to unlock real savings and deliver energy that is lean, green and future proof.

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