ESB launches the Big Energy Hack


ESB has launched Ireland’s first ever energy hackathon, The Big Energy Hack - bringing great minds together for over 48 hours to disrupt, invent and innovate, with the aim of developing solutions for a low carbon future. The Big Energy Hack will take place from 21st-23rd October 2016, in Dogpatch Labs, Customs House Quay, Dublin 1.

ESB is on the hunt for 150 of the best and brightest minds in Ireland. We want hackers from a diverse range of fields including IT, innovation, marketing, design, finance and entrepreneurship, to help unearth smart ideas that could help lower carbon emissions and combat climate change - through  smarter energy efficiency in the home, enhancing the ecar experience and optimising the electricity network.

For more information on the Big Energy Hack, click here.


ESB ecars scoops prestigious UK award for new charge point management system

YEP ecars Awards Innovation

ESB ecars has won a prestigious award for the development and roll-out of its new electric vehicle charge point management system. The ecars Information and Communications Technology (ICT) team were awarded ‘Team of the Year’ at the Energy UK’s Young Energy Professional Awards for their innovative work on the new system.

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Introducing X_Site:  ESB’s off-site Innovation Hub


At the start of 2016, ESB launched X_Site, an off-site innovation hub where radical or potentially disruptive ideas to today's existing businesses can be further developed into proven business concepts.

ESB, like all traditional utility companies across the world, is trying to explore new avenues for growing its business. It will reflect an operating environment with increased competitive pressures and new opportunities associated with emerging technologies, business models and changing customer requirements.

X_Site is located at Dogpatch Labs, CHQ Building, Dublin 1. Dogpatch Labs is a leading technology hub in Ireland with a mix of tenants including start-ups, IDA backed companies and established corporate organisations.

Project teams at X_Site will embrace the innovative culture and ecosystem at Dogpatch Labs. The team will learn the agile techniques that start-up companies follow to quickly co-create and prototype new business propositions in conjunction with customers. 

When X_Site projects reach the stage where business case has been proven, a decision will be taken as to whether the follow-on business growth activities will take place at X_Site or back in the main business environment within ESB. 

Where a new business proposition is not considered to be viable, that project at X_Site will be discontinued quickly and all learnings captured for future business opportunity development.

It is anticipated that projects at X_Site will be of typically three to six months in duration, comprising small teams of two to three people. ESB Innovation will communicate with each part of the business to further the identification of new business propositions for consideration at X_Site.

ESB Novusmodus welcomes Goldman Sachs €23 million investment in Ten K Solar

ESB Novusmodus, the ​€200m cleantech and renewable energy investment fund established by ESB, welcomes a ​€23 million (US$25 million) equity investment by Goldman Sachs & Co. in Ten K Solar. Read more here.