Collaborating with the Best

Recognising that collaboration is essential for innovation, ESB has partnerships with a number of international companies and universities on various research and development projects in the energy sector. Below is a sample of some of the partnerships that ESB Innovation is involved in. 

Creating an International Energy Exemplar Airport Complex 

ESB is working with the Dublin Airport Authority (daa) to help them achieve energy savings of 33% at Dublin Airport. ​

To achieve this, new energy services and low carbon energy technologies like electric transport, solar PV and geothermal are being used. This joint innovation agreement will spearhead Dublin Airport's aim of becoming an International Energy Airport exemplar by 2020.

Key Fact: This initiative also assists Ireland and ESB to meet the EU Energy Targets.

With the redevelopment of our Fitzwilliam Street Head Office complex in 2016, ESB is committed to setting the standard for a modern, sustainable, office space in Dublin city.

Building on ESB's decades of experience as an international energy company, we are collaborating  with companies to enhance energy efficiency and deliver cost savings. ​The new design will bring the surrounding community into the building complex, with a new walkway opening up the building to the general public.

Key facts about the Fitzwilliam Project

  • 52% less carbon
  • 60% less energy
  • 70% less water
  • Will create 400 direct jobs

In 2015 ESB set up a joint venture with Kingspan Energy to bring “Funded Solar” to business customers. For no upfront capital costs or ongoing maintenance costs, Kingspan ESB will bring clean, green energy to businesses, while making effective use of unused space.

For more information on Kingspan ESB, click here.