ESB is the energy services partner with a number of commercial and industrial customers in the retail, pharmaceutical, agricultural and logistics sectors and we have helped them to reduce their energy use by more than 25%.

The impact of change in the energy industry makes it increasingly complex for organisations to optimise and manage energy efficiently. Talk to us today and discover how ESB Smart Energy Services can support your organisation to unlock real savings and deliver energy that is lean, green and future proof.

Our Energy Services Portfolio

Every organisation is different, that’s why ESB Smart Energy Services isn’t an off-the-shelf solution. It’s a suite of competencies and solutions that can adapt to the most demanding energy environment. Large industrial companies can enjoy high returns from implementing an energy management plan with technologies like Combined Heat and Power, demand response, electric heating systems and efficient pumps/motors. These technologies are becoming more cost effective all the time and when deployed by an experienced energy team the savings generated can be guaranteed.

We identify and deliver energy saving opportunities for your business through our solutions:


Why Choose Smart Energy Services

At ESB, power is our business. Our expertise spans the breadth of the energy spectrum from energy generation, transmission, supply and emerging technologies. We have experience in shaping policy and navigating it. We are continuously investing in new technologies and promising initiatives to give us the competitive edge. ESB Smart Energy Services brings together these competencies to give you