Galway charge point launch

ESB ecars with the Mayor of Galway, Michael Crowe launched Galway's first Electric Car charge point at Woodquay on Monday August 16th.

Paul Mulvaney, ESB ecars and Michael Crowe, Mayor of Galway, at the launch of Galway's first Electric Car charge point
Paul Mulvaney ESB ecars, and Lord Mayor Michael Crowe at the Galway charge point launch Download hi-res image

The launch is part of ESB's plan to build the charging infrastructure nationwide to meet the Government target of 10% of all vehicles to be electric by 2020. Galway is the second city after Dublin to have public on-street charge points installed and this will be followed by a roll out of charge points in Cavan, Cork, Waterford and Portlaoise in the coming weeks. Also at the event was the newly launched electric car, the Nissan LEAF, which is currently doing a roadshow tour around Ireland.

Galway City Mayor, Michael Crowe said: "The introduction of Electric Vehicle Charge Points in Galway, further highlights the City's commitment to a more sustainable future, through enabling our citizens to make Smarter Travel Choices."

"This launch in Galway marks another milestone in the development of electric motoring in Ireland", Paul Mulvaney, ESB ecars said, "ESB is installing 3500 charge points nationally by the end of 2011 – a total of 2000 domestic units and a further 1500 on-street charge points. Up to 30 fast chargers will also be installed by end of next year", he added.

"ESB's corporate strategy of the decarbonisation of its electricity generation by 2035 will allow for the development of a decarbonised national transport system. We are working closely with Government, motor industry and key players to create the right conditions as Ireland is an ideal model in terms of scale for this development", he said.

The public charge points will be located throughout the Republic and at least one will be built for every town with a population of more than 1,500. The 30 fast chargers to be built by 2011 will be located along all major inter urban routes, 60 km apart.

Domestic charge points are also being installed in the homes of participants of ESB ecars trial in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Limerick, Ennis and Sligo. Participants, including Conor Faughnan of AA Ireland, now have the opportunity to charge at home and on-street and are the first to test out the new electric motoring experience. ESB's ecar trial is fundamental to supporting the planning/implementation of the charging infrastructure in Ireland as well as analysing customer behaviour and attitudes.

The Nissan LEAF is on tour around Ireland and potential customers can take it for a test drive and reserve it in advance of its arrival in February 2011. Other automotive companies such as Mitsubishi will follow Nissan closely, with Mitsubishi's iMiEV, available in 2011 and Renault’s Fluence later in the year.

The government has set ambitious targets for the introduction of Electric Vehicles in the coming years.

  • 10% of all vehicles to be electric-run by 2020
  • 2000 EVs by end of 2011
  • 6,000 EVs by end of 2012