Motorised road transport is responsible for a large percentage of greenhouse gas emissions. Electric cars emit zero tailpipe emissions and offer a real opportunity to reduce the carbon output of the transport sector, to reduce noise pollution as well as improve air quality.

ESB has set a target of having 40% of electricity generated using renewable sources by 2020 and being carbon neutral by 2035. Therefore, ESB ecars fits neatly with this strategy as the growth in the generation of electricity from renewable sources offers a route towards carbon neutral motoring. The fact that electric cars have zero exhaust pipe emissions and are more efficient than conventional cars clearly demonstrate that ecars are the future of motor transport. We have the facts to show you how green electric cars really are.

Learn also how beneficial electric cars are for improved energy management and better utilisation of renewable resources.

Green motoring has arrived

Line drawing showing renewable hydro powered energy and wind energy travelling to a house, to a Electric Car charge point, and to an Electric Car.