ESB in the UK

At ESB, we remain focused and committed on bringing sustainable and competitive energy solutions to the ‘all-islands market’ – the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland. For more than 23 years, we have operated as a leading independent generator in the UK and in recent years, invested stg£1.8bn in our developments there.

Carrington Power Station, Manchester

From Corby to Carrington

In 1993, we invested in the development of Corby power station in Northamptonshire - one of the first independent power plants constructed in the deregulated UK market. With the capacity of 350MW, it has enough power for a city the size of Nottingham. To improve efficiency and power output and to demonstrate our commitment to the local area, we carried out an upgrade of the gas turbines in 1999.

In the intermediary years, we have diversified and invested significantly in the UK wind energy landscape with plants in West Durham, Fullabrook and Mynydd y Betws. Today, we continue to develop a pipeline of low carbon and renewable technologies.

Carrington, opened in 2016, is the latest addition to the company's power generation portfolio and has an overall CCGT net efficiency of approximately 58%, one of the most efficient of its kind in the UK.

We are currently constructing investing in a new STG£190m renewable power facility at the Port of Tilbury, Essex. The investment marks ESB’s first investment in the UK’s biomass sector with the plant generating green electricity from waste wood.