Managed Bandwidth

We provide next generation Managed Bandwidth to make sure your requirements are met first time, every time. Using our extensive fibre networks - spanning 22 nationwide Points of Presence (PoP’s) and connecting to all major datacentres - ESB Telecoms Ltd. delivers a secure and high performing range of products and services.

Are you looking for high speed connectivity with end-to-end performance in mind? 

We own and manage 400+ towers nationwide, and also operate an extensive fibre network. We have combined these two infrastructures to offer an exciting new Microwave Radio Product, providing significant national coverage.This wireless radio product connects with ESBT's core fibre network at multiple sites around Ireland, delivering high capacity and cost efficient solutions.

Infographic demonstrating how the licenced microwave radio works and what you will get when you sign up for it.

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Further details of our Licenced Microwave Radio can be found here.

Our next generation Carrier Ethernet service is designed to connect sites with secure optical point-to-point or point-to-multipoint. Our solutions provide customers a scalable, affordable end-to-end offering, with the ability to move huge columns of data between sites and across Ireland using our own secure low latency nationwide fibre network.

Features and Benefits of Carrier Ethernet

  • From 10Mb to 10Gb
  • Point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configuration
  • Private dedicated network, fully managed with dedicated fibre and equipment
  • Add locations and scale bandwidth quickly and with the same interface
  • Protection and low latency available

Managed Bandwidth - Carrier Ethernet

Managed Ethernet Wavelengths are the ideal network solution to deliver low latency datacentre-to-datacentre connectivity. We use the advanced Dense Wave Division Multiplexing (DWDM) and ROADM (Reconfigurable Add-Drop Multiplexer) technology to offer the resilience, scalability and security businesses demand.


Features and Benefits of Managed Ethernet Wavelengths

  • Connectivity at 1Gb, 10Gb, 40Gb and 100Gb between any two sites
  • Rapid deployment of on-net services
  • Flexible network topologies, single or multiple waves
  • Exclusive low-latency routes available on our network
  • LAN PHY and WAN PHY options available
  • Full SLA guarantees and single point of accountability

We own and operate state of the art Point of Presence (PoP) locations at key sites around Ireland. All of these sites are connected by our extensive fibre optic network and towers portfolio. This unique combination of assets allow customers to benefit from a mix of co-location services and communications connectivity.


Features and Benefits of Co-Location

  • Fully secure with 24x7x 365 monitored access
    Dedicated bespoke rack space
  • 48V DC A&B power feeds to breaker panel in the designated rack
  • Back-up generators on-site
  • 1+1 air conditioning systems
  • Unsupervised access is an option upon completion of ESB Telecoms Training ​

For more information, download our Co-Location document.

Even with the evolution of carrier class, Ethernet service SDH managed bandwidth can still play an important role in a customer’s network. We continue offer a complete suite of Managed SDH services across our entire network to support your requirements.


Features and Benefits of Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH)

  • From E1, E3, DS3, STM1, STM16, STM 64
  • Outstanding voice quality
  • Completely scalable
  • Seamlessly integrated with all over bandwidth products

Unique to ESB Telecoms, we own and operate a fibre and towers business. We can deliver high capacity wireless services aggregated onto fibre in a more cost effective way. This product would be ideal for rapid deployment of high speed services to remote areas.

 Integrated Microwave Towers

Features and Benefits of Integrated Microwave Solutions

  • One provider for Fibre and Microwave
  • Single SLA
  • Best in Class Microwave Radio Equipment
  • Fast deployment
  • Speed up to 1 Gbe

ESB Telecoms Operation Centre (TOC) performs state of the art network monitoring and fault handling for services delivered by ESB Telecoms (ESBT) to our customers. Maintenance and support is provided nationwide, with first line maintenance undertaken by locally-based personnel. Facilities include a number of element managers, a fault alerting system and a customer traffic monitoring system. Alarm identification fault handling is entirely automated.


The TOC personnel follow defined procedures for interaction with customers and with internal resource teams. These procedures include call logging and notification processes and underpin the Service Level Agreements offered by ESBT to our customers. Service is provided on a seven day x 24-hour basis.

Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)

ESB Telecoms Ltd. is the first European company enrolled in the newly expanded Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF). By participating in this programme, ESB Telecoms will acquire MEF services certification, as well as marketing platforms and training tools to enable us to increase our share of the rapidly growing Carrier Ethernet wholesale services market.

Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) is the defining body for Carrier Ethernet. Its global industry alliance comprises more that 220 organisations, based in 43 countries. It represents the world's largest telecommunications, cable and mobile service providers.

Unique to ESB Telecoms Ltd., we own and operate a fibre and towers business. We can deliver high capacity wireless services aggregated onto fibre in a more cost effective way. This product would be ideal for rapid deployment of high speed services to remote areas.