Dublin Dark Fibre

At ESB Telecoms Ltd. we offer our partners unique, high capacity routes through the extensive and continuously expanding Dublin Dark Fibre Network. ESB owns and operates the entire Dublin Dark Fibre Network, giving you the confidence to build your network with us. This offering is suitable for customers who need long-term availability of a very large bandwidth capacity, and who prefer to manage their own bandwidth.

ESB Metro Express

The new ESB Metro Express is an exclusive high capacity dark fibre route in Dublin. In conjunction with the t50, the ESB Metro Express will create a perfect fibre ring, offering customers a superior network, increasing protection and security serving the datacentres in Dublin.

Why link up to the new ESB Metro Express?

The ESB Metro Express is as unique route, offering high capacity dark fibre covering 35km buried deep below ground. It can increase your customers’ availability from 99.99% to 99.999%, making this route an essential addition to your network if you have a presence in any datacentre in Dublin.

ESB Metro Express Map