ESB's Green Bond Framework

Green bonds are a type of bond whereby the funds obtained are specifically destined for the funding or refunding of green projects, i.e. projects that are sustainable and socially responsible in areas as diverse as renewable energy, energy efficiency, green buildings and clean transportation.

ESB considers that Green Bonds are an effective tool to channel liquidity into assets which facilitate the transition to low carbon electricity generation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and therefore support our Brighter Future Strategy.

We believe that Green Bonds offer transparency to investors who wish to allocate funds to green assets, and in doing so support ESB’s transition to reliable, affordable, low carbon energy as well as adding a further diversity to ESB’s investor base. 

ESB’s Green Bond Framework has been designed to reflect ESB’s strategy described below.

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External review of ESB's Green Bond Framework

ESB’s Green Bond Framework has been reviewed by Sustainalytics in terms of its alignment with relevant industry standards and its robustness and credibility in the meaning of Green Bond Principles ("GBP") 2018. Sustainalytics’ second party opinion can be found below: 

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ESB’s Green Bond Reports

As part of ESB’s first Green Bond issued in 2019, ESB committed to reporting annually on the environmental contribution of those projects which were funded by the Green Bond until the bond is fully allocated. ESB’s Green Bond Report and the relevant external review by Sustainalytics are found below.

ESB - Building a Brighter Future

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ESB and Corporate Responsibility

At ESB, we are committed, through our corporate social responsibility (CSR) programmes and sponsorship, to investing in individuals and communities right across the country.

Our position as Ireland’s foremost energy company makes us a vital part in building a brighter, more sustainable future. This is why we invest significantly in people and communities; we want to help them reach their full potential. By investing in the future, we are supporting our company commitment to ensuring a Brighter Future for all.