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Green Atlantic at Moneypoint

Green Atlantic @ Moneypoint is a landmark milestone in ESB’s Brighter Future strategy and represents a major step in achieving the Government’s target of a 51% reduction in emissions by 2030.

Under this ambitious programme, ESB’s Moneypoint site in County Clare will be transformed into a green energy hub, helping Ireland to become a leader in green energy production.

Renewable enablement:  ESB has already commenced work on transforming Moneypoint into a green energy hub, breaking ground on a new €50m Sustainable System Support facility– this Synchronous Compensator will be the largest of its kind in the world. This new plant will provide a range of electrical services to the electricity grid which would previously have been supplied by thermal fired power stations. Its operation will enable higher volumes of renewables on the system. More information here.

Moneypoint Floating Offshore wind farm: A floating offshore wind farm of 1,400MW will be developed off the coast of Counties Clare and Kerry in two phases by ESB and joint venture partners, Equinor – a world leader in floating offshore wind technology. Once complete, the wind farm will be capable of powering more than 1.6m homes in Ireland. Subject to the appropriate consents being granted, the wind farm is expected to be in production within the next decade. More information here.

A wind turbine construction hub: Moneypoint will become a centre for the construction and assembly of floating wind turbines. A deep-water port already exists at the site, making it an ideal staging ground for the construction of the wind farm. It is expected this will generate a significant number of direct jobs in the Mid-West region. In the longer term, the development of Moneypoint will support wider plans of Shannon Foynes port, and working with local stakeholders, help make the Shannon Estuary a focal point for the offshore wind industry in Europe.

Hydrogen Energy: ESB’s plans include investment in a green hydrogen production, storage and generation facility at Moneypoint towards the end of the decade. A clean, zero-carbon fuel, green hydrogen will be produced from renewable energy and used for power generation, heavy goods vehicles in the transport sector and to help decarbonise a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics and cement manufacturing. More information here.

This is significant long-term critical infrastructure, requiring consultation with stakeholders and delivery is dependent on receiving relevant approvals and support.  

Work on the Synchronous Compensator has already commenced with Siemens Energy awarded the contract to provide engineering, procurement and construction. More information here.

We applied for foreshore licences earlier this year (January 2021). Moneypoint Offshore One will be located 16km off the Clare /Kerry Coast. The expected capacity is estimated to be 500MW. the wind farm area estimated to be 70km2 and is expected to be operational by late 2027.  

Moneypoint Offshore Two will be located a further 20km west of Moneypoint Offshore One, increasing total capacity to between 1GW – 1.5GW. Wind farm area estimated to be 200km2 and to be operational by 2030. More information here.

ESB will also invest in a Hydrogen production, storage and generation facility at Moneypoint. A clean, zero carbon fuel, hydrogen can be used to decarbonise a wide range of industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, cement manufacturing and transport.  Pending approvals, work on the development of our hydrogen facility should commence in the latter half of the decade. 

In preparation for the Moneypoint Offshore wind farms, we have been designing and developing facilities in Moneypoint to handle the construction and assembly of the floating foundations for the wind turbines. This will include the upgrade of the quayside, the jetty and the surrounding yards.  

This will facilitate many offshore developments, not just on the west coast. And it will help kickstart the wider ambition in the Shannon estuary to become a centre of excellence for floating offshore construction.