ecars presents talk at 2017 Electronomous Car Tech Summit

The 2017 Electronomous Car Tech Summit took place in the INEC Killarney on Thursday 27th April. Organised in association with and hosted by the original Top Gear presenter Quentin Wilson, the aim of the summit was to increase the understanding of emerging technologies in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and connected and electric vehicles (EVs).

A number of discussions and presentations were held from top motor industry executives, including Patrick Foley from ecars.

Patrick led the debate on “How the Future is Electric” explaining how EVs can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transport and improve air quality in our towns and cities. Furthermore, EV drivers can benefit from running costs which are as low as 30% of that of a diesel vehicle.

The event was aimed towards industry executives and engineers operating with car OEM's and operators of lease or rental fleets, insurance companies, technology providers, product developers, telecommunication operators and car sharing and automotive mobility solutions providers.

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