ESB and Battery Storage 

Battery storage is one of many energy and flexible technology solutions ESB is adopting to support Ireland’s climate target of 70 percent of electricity from renewable sources by 2030. 

ESB aims to develop a pipeline of projects to deliver  large scale batteries as well as additional flexible enabling technologies. This is crucial to supporting the grid and will facilitate ever more onshore wind, offshore wind and solar onto the electricity system in the coming decades.  

Battery Projects 

In late 2020, we announced the development of our first major battery projects at existing ESB sites at Inchicore, Co Dublin and Aghada, Co Cork. 

Battery Energy Storage Systems will deliver 60MWh at Inchicore in Dublin and 38MWh at Aghada Generating Station in Cork supporting the national grid in providing storage capacity and stability for times of low wind.  

ESB is working with partners Fluence, Powercomm Group and Kirby Group in the delivery of these two projects, both of which should be complete by early 2022.  

In addition, ESB is developing further projects at Poolbeg and South Wall in Dublin into 2021 to enhance ESB’s presence in this segment of the market.   

Overall, the battery projects will support the grid system via the Distributed Services (DS3) market. ESB has sourced highly flexible and fast reacting battery technology, via Fluence, to ensure these batteries can provide a wide range of system services required by the national grid operator, Eirgrid.