ESB working in the UK

Do you know that ESB also operates in the United Kingdom? At ESB, we are strongly focused on bringing sustainable and competitive energy solutions to the ‘all-islands market’ – the Republic of Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Wales and Scotland.

Ireland’s energy market is integrating with the energy market in ​the UK under the direction of the EU’s Regional Electricity Market initiative. The increasing interconnection between the island of Ireland and the UK is seeing the evolution of an all-islands market. Therefore, it makes sense for ESB to work in both markets.


ESB ​UK Office

Our London office represents and supports ESB's growing business activities across the UK, covering business development, and public and regulatory affairs. As part of their remit, the London team also work closely with both ESB International and ESB Trading.

If you would like to get in touch, you can reach us at:

Euston Road
United Kingdom
T: 0044 2075 448 631
F: 0044 2075 448 580

Energy Generation in the UK

More than 4,300 MW of electricity is currently generated in the Single Electricity Market on the island of Ireland, while we generate 475 MW in the U.K. This total amount will continue to increase as we invest in significant energy projects. We currently have two projects in the construction phase;

  • Carrington Power Station – A 880 MW combined cycle gas turbine plant, near Manchester. For more information on the Carrington project, check out our video clip here.  
  • Tilbury Power Station – a 40 MW biomass plant in Essex, U.K.

We are also currently working in partnership with Kingspan to bring photovoltaic solar panels to businesses across Northern Ireland. More information on this project can be found here.

Want to Know More?

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