Operating the UK's most Efficient and Flexible Thermal Plants

ESB invested more than £800m in the development of the UK's most efficient thermal plant in Carrington, near Manchester.

The 884MW gas fired power station is also one the UK's most flexible plant with the ability to allow renewables such as wind and solar onto its system at any given time. The station is the first large scale gas fired power plant to come online in Great Britain since 2013 and can power more than one million homes and businesses in the Greater Manchester area.

Carrington Project Key Facts

  • 4.8 million hours worked on the project
  • 4,893 workers involved in the project from commissioning to development
  • 850 workers on site during peak construction times
  • 40 permanent staff on site
  • More than 50 exceptional load deliveries removed from local roads by using the Manchester Ship Canal
  • A Green Travel Plan was implemented to transport staff from satellite car parks to site each day
  • 35,000 m^3 of concrete poured


Do you want to see how electricity is generated in Carrington? 

​Click here to view an interactive animation of Carrington Power Station.  

Carrington Power Station

132 Manchester Rd
M31 4AY
T 0161 776 5501