Driving to a low carbon future with electric vehicles

By 2030, there will be an estimated 500,000 electric vehicles on Irish roads with proposals already in place to ban the sale of non-zero emission vehicles after this date. There are already more than 1,100 standard and fast charge points dotted across the island of Ireland, with ongoing investment and innovation in this area. 

Benefits of electric vehicles for Customers

  • Government  incentive of up to €5,000 grant per vehicle and up to €5,000 Vehicle Registration Tax relief (See www.seai.ie)
  • €120 motor tax band for electric vehicles (See www.seai.ie)
  • Government grant of up to €600 towards home charging point. Please see www.seai.ie for details.
  • Nationwide charge point infrastructure
  • Incredible driving experience 
  • Major environmental benefits
  • Reduced running costs

Benefits of electric vehicles for Businesses

  • Up to €7,000 grant available towards the purchase of an electric vehicle for use as a taxi, hackney or limousine (See https://www.nationaltransport.ie/)
  • Government incentive of up to €5,000 grant per vehicle and up to €5,000 Vehicle Registration Relief (www.seai.ie)
  • Accelerated Capital Allowance Scheme permitting write-off of capital investment within one year.(See www.seai.ie)
  • 0% BIK for fully electric company vehicles
  • BIK exemption for employees charging at their workplace
  • Reduction in company carbon footprint

Benefits for Society

  • Significantly reduced air pollution
  • Lower CO2 emissions


For more information on how ESB is supporting the drive towards a low carbon future click here.