ESB Networks launches 'Powercheck' App: 62 per cent drop in unplanned power interruptions

On the 26th September, ESB Networks launched its new 'PowerCheck' app and website which provide real time information to customers regarding planned and unplanned power supply interruptions, including projected restoration times. 

The free app, which is accessible through Smartphones (iPhones and Android), and the website ( were unveiled to customers visiting the ESB stand at the National Ploughing Championships in New Ross, Co Wexford.

Announcing the launch, Paul Mulvaney, Head of Distribution and Customer Services with ESB Networks said, "Interruptions to power supplies are rare, but when they do occur, customers want to find out quickly and easily when their power will be restored. We are still happy to hear from customers by phone, but PowerCheck provides an alternative for people who would prefer to access this information online or through their Smartphones."

"Over the past decade, ESB has invested heavily in upgrading the Irish electricity network and we now have one of the most reliable and efficient systems in the world.” Mr Mulvaney continued. “Since 2001, we have succeeded in reducing unplanned interruptions by 62 percent, with the average customer now experiencing just over an hour of lost supply per year as a result of network faults".

PowerCheck will provide information on:

Local Area: The nearest substation to the location of the interruption
Customers Affected: The number of customers without supply
Started: The time when the loss of supply was first reported
Interruption Type: Whether it is a Planned or a Fault interruption
Restore: The Estimated Restoration Time (ERT)
Message: Further details that are available about the loss of supply