Enjoy Reduced Costs and a Back-up Power Supply

Battery solutions enable businesses to store energy generated during low tariff periods and use it when tariff prices are high. Once we’ve analysed your energy usage, we’ll design a storage system to meet your needs. We’ll also procure high specification batteries from leading world suppliers to tailor the storage system to match the demands of what you do.

Benefits of our Battery Storage Solution

Our battery storage solution offers you the flexibility around your energy consumption which in turn will reduce your energy costs and exposure at points of peak demand. We’ll even fund the cost of the battery so there is no upfront investment required from you.

  1. Reduced Costs

  2. Back up power supply

  3. Financial Rewards

We analyse your energy usage to design a storage system that is the optimal size for ​your needs. Unlike load shifting approaches to demand management. ​Our battery solutions requires no change in operations for ​your business and is fully automated.

Improving the way we store energy is important for energy security, as it will allow us to decouple energy generation and its usage. Battery systems enable us to store energy when it's generated and use it when required, replacing the current awkward system where generation has to match demand in real time.