No connection or subscription - just charge and go!

If you are an occasional user, you can pay as you go at any of our standard charge points for 26.8c/kWh, at any of our fast charge points for 30.5c/kWh or at any of our high power charge points for 37c/kWh. 

We charge per unit of electricity known as kilowatt hour (kWh). The mileage you will get per kWh will depend on your vehicle and driving style.

There are two Pay As You Go payment options:
Pay As You Go:
Make a once off transaction at any ESB charge point via the ecar connect app. No account required.
 Register with us and load your account with pre-paid credit either online via your ESB ecars account or on our ecar connect app.


The PAYG price plan can be summarised as follows:


What's Included?

• Charge and go via our ecar connect app
• Live charge point map
• 24/7 customer care support
• Free ESB charge point access card worth €9.20. Initial top up of €20 required (Pre Pay only)
• Option to purchase additional ESB charge point access card for a once off €9.20 fee


Note: To ensure a charge point is available for the next user, an overstay fee of €4.60 will apply for charging sessions longer than 45 minutes on ESB fast and high power chargers.


Signing up is quick and easy.

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Introductory Offer

€4.60 monthly subscription

  • Standard
  • 23 c/kWh
  • Fast
  • 26.8 c/kWh
  • High Power
  • 33 c/kWh

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Introductory Offer

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