ecars Charge Point Map

There are currently 1,200 public charge points available across the island of Ireland. Check out our interactive map below for the nearest charge point to you.

Download the  "ecar connect" app

To locate your nearest charge point, download our 'ecar connect' app for Apple and Android devices.

 Charge point icons faded blue and green

Note: These paler icons convey either that the charge point does not communicate in real time with the Charge Point Management System (it may be an older unit or one operated by a third party) or that the unit is temporarily off-line and so its actual status cannot be verified by the system.

 About ecars Public Charge Point Network

ecars has a network of over 1,200 public, standard and fast charge points across the country. This includes over 300 public charge points in Northern Ireland. These are found in convenient on-street locations, in car-parks, popular retail and leisure venues, as well as at key transport hubs nationwide. All charge points are accessed via a single charge point access card. The charging time for standard charge points depends on the model of vehicle and how full the car battery is when it is plugged in. A full re-charge can take from one to eight hours using the standard charge point network.

Fast Chargers: Fast, Economical and Everywhere

There is a network of over 70 fast chargers in the Republic of Ireland, primarily installed at service stations to facilitate longer journeys between major towns and cities. There are an additional 15 public fast chargers in Northern Ireland. On average, a fast charge point can charge an electric vehicle up to 80% in as little as 25 minutes.

For more information about charge points in Northern Ireland, please visit